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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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upgrades will be complete. happening now more protests all over the country following the election of donald trump for president. you are looking life atlanta has seen protesters out each night since the election. they have also seen protests in several other cities here in the bay area. another protests expected an oakland tonight. this is after the city cleans up from the past three nights. our reporter is live at the plaza and already 41 people have been arrested over the past two days and at least three officers have been hurt. >> reporter: sorry it is hard to hear you, there are about 50 to 75 people that have gathered at the corner of the street. this is up from a dozen people
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an hour ago. he crowd has grown considerably and it is much smaller than we've seen over the past few nights and it really is usually late in the night when we see a small group that breaks off from the majority of people protesting to cause violence and that is the case here and that's what we saw last night. seven businesses were damaged and police say protesters used m 80s, bottles to assault officers and in total they arrested 11 people left night in addition to the 30 people they arrested wednesday night and today we saw crews working to clean up the mess and building a protective wall in front of other windows as a preventative measure. that had oaklanders frustrated. >> i tell people to be tolerant
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and be smart. >> i don't mind the protest it's just the violence. a lot of people and they're not from oakland and come here and tarik the city and they don't have to live here so they get to go back to where they are from. >> i talked to the oakland mayor this afternoon and asked her how many of these 41 people that were arrested actually live and work your and she could not give us an exact number, but said some of the and you have oakland addresses. she's not making an analysis all she knows if they are hurting her saturday -- city. she said there is a plan in place for tonight if they start to march or make their way downtown. she didn't want to get specific, she says the plan is always evolving and changing, but we are monitoring this group. and they don't seem to be violent in any way whatsoever. just gathering peacefully 50 to
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75 of them and unclear if they will be taking to the streets. >> that's what i'm going to health if you have an opportunity to talk with the the of them. it sounds like they may not even be sure. thank you. our coverage on the postelection protest continues throughout the hour and tonight at 630 you will hear from a photojournalist who says he was attacked during wednesday's violence in oakland. >> reporter: he is giving more information about the transition team. our reporter tells us more. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump unveils the team that will help them transition from candidate to commander and chief. mr. trump replacing governor. chris christie with vice president-elect mike pence as the chairman of his transition team. three of the trump children will also play important roles
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alongside former new york mayor rudy giuliani. >> my work for him has been out of great friendship and loyalty.>> reporter: as he does his particular divided nation after a long campaign season. while those in washington talk about unity americans across the country protest the election results. >> reporter: a top republican says it is part of the process. >> ability to complain about whatever you want and its american as apple pie. >> reporter: as a look on answers for what went wrong they also need to choose a new
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chair of the dnc. there are names being floated former candidates and governors. lorin blanchard fox news. one member of trump's transition team is from silicon valley. the leader venture capitalist. he supported donald trump while many other tech moguls act hillary clinton. it is unclear what role he will play in the transition. we posted a link to the transition team look for the web links travel -- on our website. another shooting has shut down part of i-80 near canyon road. sky fox over the scene and the highway patrol says a male driver was shot and suffered non-life-threatening injuries. the shooter is still on the loose. you can't see -- you can see
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looks like some traffic moving by there, but some of the eastbound lanes are also closed and this is happening east of american canyon road. the chp says those lanes will remain closed for at least a couple of hours as officers investigate. more on veterans day including an event the historic presidio officers clubs -- club. the veterans day service project includes about 30% veterans to lead teams of civilians to food banks or homes of seniors where they served sandwiches to those less fortunate.  >> veterans day to me is coming together as a group especially in the bay area coming together as one and giving back to the other population making food and donating it to the homeless shelter. >> reporter: the veterans created works of art that showcased works of art.
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one of california's longest- running played -- parade. >> reporter: the 300 unit bridge circled the small downtown area where thousands of people gathered under perfect weather conditions. it was no less than a slice of small-town americana. >> they had at least 15,000 people today and if you look around every single type of person every nationality, everything. young, old and is fabulous to see the guys all the way down to the veterans. but it is unbelievable. you can be left of center or right of center and everyone comes together and it doesn't matter. it is a lot of respect for each other. whether you are a veteran or not.
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>> this is a hometown feeling and the whole area gets into it away should be. >> thank you for your time and your service. but they estimate that 45 million people have served in the military during wartime with some estimates suggesting 57 million served in war and peace. with the many veteran help and assistance marching it is clear to take care of those. as far as healthcare and when they come back from the war i think a lot of veterans should get a lot more help than the government gives them. he said this would be one of his highest priorities. still become a budding business. of the industry is seeing
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changes just three days after voters legalized mac -- recreational marijuana. time tracking a weak system lots of clouds and scattered showers. we will let you know if showers stick around. first, three people found shot and stabbed to death inside a burning home. we will have the very latest. >> as long as i've lived here i haven't seen anything like this before. >> a live look at the friday evening commute. this is a look at the bay bridge heading and and you can see those are the lanes leaving the city backed up in both directions. it is so dark it is a different look. as you can see traffic not too bad on this friday night.
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. new details on a triple homicide investigation in the east bay. those victims found inside a burning home. oakland police say the victims are to woman and a young man as that they were all shot and stabbed. it happened after midnight in a home near 92nd avenue. in san leandro st. one person is in custody. can really is in our newsroom with the new information. >> reporter: i have learned that oakland police arrested a 61-year-old woman on suspicion
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of murder. police say this is a domestic incident but her relationship to the victims is not yet clear. shots rang out at about 12:20 early friday morning on dunbar drive. when officers arrived at the home they found a man outside that from stab wounds and they also spotted smoke coming from the garage and please call firefighters and two women were found dead inside. both had been stabbed and shot. the victims have not been identified and neighbors say they are a couple, two women in their 50s and their son. but they weren't lgbt community -- family. >> reporter: they found the net rivers bleeding at the scene. sources say she made incriminating statements and was later booked on suspicion of murder. >> we are in the process of gathering evidence and witnesses and we're in the early stages of this investigation. >> police are not divulging a motive and they said this is an isolated incident. >> no one is in danger at this point. is just the investigation is
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ongoing. >> reporter: the evidence response team was on scene for most of the day and police say the fbi can bring investigative equipment and expertise to the case. they inspected this rv parked block away from the scene the neighbors say showed up a week ago. >> it's very shocking never seemed like they would have internal issues or anything. never heard any yelling or any distress from the house. but as long as i've lived here i haven't seen anything like this before especially with three lives lost. i have not and i'm not going to move out because i really like it here. >> reporter: if the suspect is formally charged she could potentially face the death penalty. more victims have come forward accused a south bay nightclub promoter of sexual assault. he is now facing the late 19
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felony accounts. he was taken into custody back in august after a woman filed a sexual assault against them. since then six more women have contacted investigators. authorities say they believe there are even more victims who still haven't come forward. >> arts police chief announced he is retiring leaving another bay area department looking for a new chief. he says he will step down at the end of the year. he joined the force in 2010 just over a year after the deadly shooting of oscar grant. the general manager praise him for his focus on reform and said it may take five bus to recruit a new chief. in the meantime he says the deputy chief and they will both have the opportunity to serve. clouds increase over the past few hours and some rain
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showers showing up especially in the north bay area. this will affect tonight into saturday morning. the green on the radar, not all of this is reaching the ground and it gives you an idea of some changes. i have noticed some showers and to the north bay over the past two or three hours especially for the northern portion and parts of the shoreline. an oakland cloudy skies and by first thing tomorrow morning there is a chance we could have a sprinkle or a few light showers from the golden gate to the north. this is saturday morning, 7:00 showing you lots of cloud cover and the chance of a shower. this forecast model not too generous with the ring card -- rainfall. cloudy skies by 6:00 and 62 degrees. we will wrap up the afternoon hours and collect partly cloudy as we head into saturday evening.
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tomorrow morning mostly cloudy skies, we will have a little bit more shower activity going into the bay area. first thing saturday morning 6:00 and then we will scale back on some of the clouds by 1:00 pellet -- partly cloudy skies and as we mentioned maybe even some they are skies by 4:00 p.m. and that is for tomorrow. a few more changes for sunday and were talking about another warm-up and we will have more about that coming up. opponents of ballot measure to speed up executions in california have filed a legal challenge. there were two death penalty measures on the ballot and they rejected prop 62 which would repeal the death penalty. supporters of prop 66 which would set time limits on appeals in death penalty cases have claimed victory with 51% of the vote however the votes
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are still being counted and the outcome is not yet been certified. opponents of prop 66 are asking the state supreme court to preemptively block the measure. they argue that it would prevent defense attorneys from mounting proper appeals. tragedy in the south bay a car slams right into a building killing a workman inside. up next what we are learning about this crash. >> a new report lower the odds of a raiders moved to las vegas. they will tell us what an nfl insider is saying. facebook founder wayne and on facebook roll during the election following criticism of fake news reports posted on the site. is the internet back on? no. is the internet back on? no! is it back - no! sweetie, call any one of your friends who has internet and have them read us the internet! honey- it's not swiping! come on... what are you doing?
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for the second interim police are investigating a car crash that killed an innocent bystander. yesterday a pedestrian was struck and killed outside city hall by a car involved in an accident. today a car involved in a crash careened into a building and killed a painter who was working inside. our reporter has the story of today's crash. >> reporter: late this afternoon a flatbed tow truck removed a vehicle that had been resting in the lobby of the alliance credit union building. this suv and people -- to your previous are part of the collision acosta man his life. lease a just before noon they started receiving calls for help. people reporting a car crashing into the alliance credit union building in the 200 block of burger avenue. investigators say the doctor in was traveling west and the
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previous was going south on little orchard and turning left onto gertner. the two collided and the durango was knocked into the building well to contract painters were working. both men were hit. but it is not clear whether they were inside the building or outside, but there is remodeling going on inside the business and they were painting. and they were hit once the vehicle entered the front of the business and went inside. >> police say it is unclear if they were on scaffolding or on the floor. it is unclear which vehicle had the right-of-way proceeding the collision. one victim was pronounced dead at the scene and the second is being treated at a nearby hospital. we are still waiting for an update of the condition of the survivor and the identities of both men being withheld until their families are notified. i spoke with the senior vice president of the credit union and he said the bank was closed for the day for painting and supposed to reopen on saturday otherwise it would have been
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closed and no one would've been inside. this is the 41st fatality from a traffic collision so far this year in san jose -- in san jose. we have mentioned to accidents and in yesterdays crash a man is behind bars accused of driving drunk and killing a pedestrian just outside of city hall. we want to show you his booking photo. this is ricardo gomez being held without bail facing charges of felony dui and vehicular manslaughter. he is accused of running red light yesterday afternoon at fourth and santa clara hitting another car in the intersection and striking 62-year-old doug and rena a city employee who was crossing the street. the impact through him up against a parked news and and he was pronounced dead at the scene. he worked for tenures as a senior accounts clerk. six the -- ktvu news us
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expect 30 is next. >> they had me on the basin it turned into a tug-of-war with my camera. plus an email from an executive telling donald trump supporters to resigned. how he is backtracking today and the fallout he could face. >> later a remarkable recovery. ktvu fox news us expect 30 is next.
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. all right now to our top story and another security breach at the san jose airport. a transient made his way into a restricted air field. it's the 10th time that a nonallowed person made it to the field. mike pence has been named to head up donald trump's transition team. there is speculation that chris
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christie was demoted. his children are also on the committee. oakland authorities are preparing for another night of antitrump protests. downtown businesses spent the day repairng from last night's protests. police have made 41 arrests in connection with the demonstrations. you are watching ktvu fox news at 6:30. a journalist that has worked in war torn countries said he was attacked at the protests. we spoke about the moment that some in the crowd turned on him. >> there was a bunch of bon fires on the street and i was stabbing here. >> reporter: this photo journalists has covered conflicts in syria but he said
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this was the first time he was attacked covering anything in america. >> there were some people throwing rocks and getting in to destroy the windows, i was taking a photograph and someone hit me. >> reporter: he said someone blind sided him hitting him in the last sued of his face and knocked him down. >> four people, white men in their early to mid 20s attacked me and hit me several times in the face. >> reporter: one camera withs taken from him. the second one was ripped apart. >> they ripped off the lens. this is what i was left with. >> reporter: he tried to show his press pass. >> i was yelling, i am a journalist. >> reporter: he believed his
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attackers were not protestors but anarchists. >> i know what black block looks like. they just meld into the crowd. >> reporter: he said that peaceful protestors came to his rescue. >> three or four protestors jumped on top of me and tried to pull people off. >> reporter: the protestors gave kyle ludowitz aid. he said that the experience will not stop his work and he appreciates the protestors for their help. >> he they sat me down. a street medic helped me out. they said, this is not us. facebook ceo mark


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